Risotto with shrimps

1 pack “Royal” Prawns Karolina
200 g wild rice
200 g fresh champignon
100 g canned mushrooms
200 ml. white dry wine
200ml. meat clear soup
capers, 1-2 chilli pepper, garlic, olive oil

Directions: Defrost the shrimps. Fry cut garlic with olive oil for 2-3 min. Pour uncooked rise and fry for more 3 min. Add wine, salt, pepper, and fry for some more minutes. Step by step add clear soup and fry rice under the cover until it start to be prepared. In another deep frying pan fry champignons, canned mushrooms with olive oil, add chilli. In 3 min. add shrimps, salt and pepper according to your taste. Mix fried mushrooms and shrimps with rice, put on the plates and decorate the dish with herbs, capers and lemon.