Every Karolina product is unique, high quality and extremely tasty.
To hold all these points in one product we need to be sure in the proper pack for each product.

Vaсuum packed products – convenient way to pack seafood products, which removes air from the package prior to sealing. The vacuum packing allows our products look natural and attractive as they are. Clear film from all the sides of pack let consumer see the product as it is.
Poly bags – way to pack shell on shrimps and some other seafood products, which we get used to buy in 1 kg size. Absolutely clear window let our consumer see the product, bright color of Karolina poly bag – let you recognize our products in any supermarket fridge! And what is the most important – this poly bag gentle save the seafood from the all environmental factors around.
It is so bright, full of information and recognizable way to pack the seafood – vacuum packed products, which we put in paper box. Clear film let our consumer perfectly see the product, and bright box have delicious recipes, information about the product, interesting facts.
We are absolutely sure, that we have the best, convenient, tasty and so healthy products – Karolina canned tuna and cod liver. For these products we chose high quality cans, with bright colorful stickers to save the unique taste of each product.